Caribbean Gem Academy
Coloured Gemstone Grading #2
WGF Colour Grading Systems

Our Coloured Stones Grading #2 course through the Gem Color Academy is designed to create a critical bridge between the gemmological scientific world and the gem and jewellery trade and is designed to significantly shorten the period it generally takes to obtain the practical experience required to work in the trade.

Graduates of this course will have a thorough understanding and proficiency in the grading, evaluation and pricing of coloured stones using the significant database of real gem online images and actual gem-like sample kit, achieving a level of comprehension that would normally take years to achieve.

The course will also acquaint the student with some of the most advanced and revolutionary digital colour communication online tools for defining, grading and pricing of coloured stones, powered by Gemewizard®. Course fees include a one-year subscription to GemePrice™, Gemewizard's online price list for diamonds and gemstones.

If you are working with coloured gemstones, this course is a must.

Prerequisites: While there are no prerequisites, students should have a basic understanding of gemmology and colour theory.

Cost: $ 1150 USD