Caribbean Gem Academy

The 'Coloured Gemstone Professional Program' consists of four theoretical courses; Basic Gemmology, Advanced Gemmology, Gem Identification and our thirty lesson 'Coloured Gemstone' course that covers the physical properties, geology, localities, crystal system, chemical composition and causes of colour, varieties, absorption spectra, pleochroism, inclusions, fluorescence, gem identification, synthesis, common treatments and enhancements, and care guidelines. Gemstones covered in this course include corundum (rubies and sapphires), beryl (emeralds, aquamarines and other precious beryl), chrysoberyl (alexandrite and other chrysoberyl), spinel, zircon, topaz, tourmaline, peridot, quartz, garnet, tanzanite, lapis lazuli, turquoise, spodumene (kunzite and hiddenite), feldspars, iolite, andalusite, diopside, apatite, and organic gems (pearls, coral, jet, ivory, and amber) plus the grading of coloured gemstones.

Students are also required to complete two five day gem identification workshops, one five day lab-created and treated gemstones workshop, a five day coloured gemstone grading workshop, our 60 hour online coloured gemstone grading course and pass the practical and written examinations to receive their 'Coloured Gemstone Professional' diploma.